Intro to logo design

Logo design can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. But keep in mind, “simple” doesn’t mean quick and easy. Every logo consideration should be evaluated on how it will represent your business. It’s your highest form of a businesses first “visual” impression, so you want to make it a good one. Use these types of logo design for consideration when you are in the thought process of envisioning your company’s visual representation.

What is a logo?

A logo is what identifies your brand of business product or service. This can be a design shape, or typography (text), or it can be a combination of both. Logos do not have to be complex in order to be effective. The importance of designing a good logo is for it to be something consumers will recognize and remember.

Types of Logo design

There are many different types of logo designs that businesses lean on when it comes to their brand style.

Wordmark logo design

This type of logo design is font/text based. This is a design that focuses on the business name and the design simply lies in the font style or design. One famous name brand like this would be Google. Give careful consideration on the “tone” your font may carry when using this style logo design. For a lawyers office for example, you may want to use a more formal style font. And of course, the opposite would apply to a daycare facility, depending upon the look and feel you want to present to your target market.

Monogram or lettermark logos

These are used to represent businesses by using text only. A company would use a designed font that would display as a stylized acronym (initials of a company’s long name). Given the simplicity of this design style, careful consideration should be given to the font tone and colour choice. Some companies also add their name in full, below the acronym as a way to create an awareness and association of the growing brand.

Abstract logo design

Given that it’s abstract, these designs can offer a highly memorable, unique brand syle. The circular Pepsi icon would be a good example of this. Keep in mind that when it comes to abstract design, you may have to create a larger awareness of your brand through marketing efforts. Colour choice would be another factor to consider as colour can also be very influential in speaking to your target audience.

Brand / Pictorial marks

McDonald’s iconic golden arches is a great example of this style logo. Viewers may be unfamiliar with your new icon, so awareness will need to be built up for unestablished brands. With these style logos, consider what imagery you want to lean on. Is it the name of your business as a whole? or a product or service? Consider what this will mean long-term should you decide to broaden your offerings if it is a product or service.

Emblem logo design

These have a very traditional or “Ivy league” feel to them. Most contain text and design within a shape such as a crest or badge style shape. Their very timeless and classic styles, makes them widely used within the car industry. You may also see these used in schools and government agencies, but that’s not to say these are the only settings you will find them in. Due to the detail and shape of these styled designs, its important to consider the production stages that this may be used for; embroidering, printing, etc.

Mascot logo designs

These are often more playful in nature and perhaps more colourful and informal. Think of Colonel Sanders, Wendy’s, and Mary Brown’s. All great illustrated characters designed to represent businesses. This may be a consideration factor if your business offering is less formal and perhaps geared towards fun and family style offerings.

Combination logo mark

These logo designs incorporate a combination of both word mark and pictorial mark. These businesses brand by having their name spelled in a stylized font that best represents their identity, in combination with designed iconic imagery. These logos are great for adding to the ease of branding as while also creating symbolic imagery that will resonate with your target market in a memorable way.

Taglines and slogans

Logos are commonly used with a “tagline” a “branding slogan”. Taglines state important information about your business. Its purpose is to create a memorable phrase that sums up your businesses tone and premise. Although these are not a “type” of logo, they can be a great addition to put with your logo as it can be used to aide in explaining what your business does.

Want more info?

Now that you’ve covered all the basic types of logo design, it’s time to dig in! Put some thought into who you’re targeting, and what message you want your audience to receive. Consider what influential elements you want to use within your logo design. For more information on types of logo design, feel free to contact us here. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our latest designs and other helpful posts or catch us on LinkedIn. Hopefully this was helpful and we look forward to sharing more tips with you throughout the year!