social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Struggling to keep up with your social media accounts? We can help. Our team can add insightful content, design professionaly branded creatives, schedule your posts, and track your success!

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing For Your Business.

Covid-19 has brought with it a flood of businesses moving to an online market, making it hard to compete without a consistent, professional presence to stand out. Stay in the mind of your consumers and free up your time by leaving all the digital marketing work to us. We can help keep you looking professional while you’re busy growing your business!

Creating content, designing imagery, scheduling and posting to social accounts to stay relevant is a constant battle! Especially when marketing your business during Covid-19! We offer social media marketing for businesses struggling to produce professional and consistant marketing material!


Our content creator will research your market, and compile intriguing, relevent content your target market wants to read.


Our graphic designer will create professionally branded creatives to pair with your content that will catch the eye of your audience.


We’ll collaborate with you to design monthly content calendars with topics and sales that are important for your audience to know.


Track your marketing results to adjust your marketing message to best hit your targeted goals with social media marketing.


Bullseye Branding Inc. offers social media marketing services that are 100% virtual, while still maintaining that personable relationship you get from in-person training. Join us from the comfort of your own home or office at a time that’s convenient for you!


Through consultation, we can begin to lay out a digital marketing plan that will best suit your business goals.

Work with us from anywhere, at anytime:

  • Our team offers a a free form of “business text” communication to our clients to cut down on emails.
  • We also do virtual “face-to-face” using online software!
  • We use online editing tools that can be used by both you and Bullseye at the same time.
  • Busy with business during the day? We accommodate after hour appointments.


Our aim is to provide branding consistency throughout your online presence. With consistent messaging, colours, fonts, and logo representation where needed, your professionally branded social media posts will surely stay within the minds of your target audience. 


Still not sure if this is for you? Reach out with any questions you may have. Consultation is free and we have packages levels to choose from that best suits your business needs.

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