Website Development

We offer creative website design and hosting that is sure to meet your needs… AND your target audience’s! If there’s a web design project you’d like to discuss, or a question you have, just click here. 

Website Design That Speaks To Your Audience

DIY website design can save you money… but it can cost you time, and quite possibly, your professional look. Let us take the guess work out of your design!

Website development

Today’s world of business has changed dramatically even in the past 10 years. A “store front” is no longer just a physical location, but a virtual necessity for most businesses looking to stay in the mind of their consumers. Through our process of website development, we want to enable your business to compete in todays market by being present in all areas your target audience is. Here’s how we can help you accomplish your goals…


Let’s talk about your goals! In order for a website design be effective we’ll first discuss the clearly defined goals you wish to accomplish.


Here we’ll evaluate color schemes, images, fonts, and other various design elements that will brand your site in the most effective and visually pleasing way in order to target your audience.


Now it’s time to organize your content in such a way that it leads your visitors to your most compelling content and of course, to your main “call to action” (contact us, buy now, etc.).

go live

Now that we’ve finalized the design and everything is ready to go, it’s time to show your site to the world! Need a maintenance package to keep your site safe and up-to-date? No problem! We’ve got you covered!


Website Redesign

Breathe new life into your site

Is your existing website looking a little dated? Or not as effective as you had hoped? Talk to us about breathing new life into your website with a newly branded design today!

Website design

Bring your business to new markets

Looking for a way to tell your customers all about your business? Or looking to expand your business to new markets? Website design can deliver that online presence your business needs in todays digital market.

Get to know our services!

Looking for BRANDING for your business? Click here to see more information on branding design and marketing design options. Want to learn more about website design? Feel free to explore the areas below for a little more information on our website services.

Website Design and Hosting

With beautiful design that includes hosting and security, we can take the guess work out of getting your business online! 

Hosting is required in order to have a live site on the internet. Once your site is designed, it is served up to the internet where it sits for all to see!
SSL Certificate
Your SSL certificate allows for a secure connection between the server and a Web browser and shows your visitors that your site is secure. Ever notice the lock symbol in address area? That’s SSL at work!
On-Page SEO
SEO (Search engine optimization) helps search engines connect visitors to your site with the relative information you provide. We can help ensure your pages are optimized to aide in these searches.
While WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems around, training is advised before changing things on the back-end as this could lead to site errors.

Website Maintenance

Just like taking your vehicle for regular maintenance, your website requires scheduled care. Just think of us as your digital mechanics!

Updates are essential and should not be overlooked. An out-of-date site makes it vulnerable to security issues, as updates often have security patches.
WordPress sites do not have a built-in backup solution, so ongoing backups are required. Especially e-comm and sites with frequent changes. Should your site become infected, we can use the backup to restore your site to its last saved version.
WordPress sites can be the target of hackers or malicious bots, so all sites need an ongoing security plan.  We provide site scans and clean up if required by your site.
Editing Time
Editing time is any time that is required to update your site with changes to such things as text or images. This is rolled into some care plans, but extra blocks of time can be purchased if required.

WEBSITE Editing Plans

Need extra editing help with updating your website information or design? Bullseye Branding is very insightful when it comes to design and layout and would love to help you along with your edits. We can arrange an editing package that’s best suited to your needs!

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